Welcome to Curiosity on Court, a world of energy and excitement! Our custom-designed play structures and exhibits were created to raise the curiosity and fuel the imagination of kids 1–10 yrs old. Whether they’re taking a ride on the imaginary subway, making connections on the magnetic ball wall, creating something original with the building blocks, train set, or mini-kitchen, or finding their route through our multi-level play structure, there are hours of fun for everyone!


Open Play Fee for 1 Day:          For 1 Child                     For 2 Siblings                    For 3 Siblings
                                                              $25                                   $45                                      $60

There are no membership fees at Curiosity on Court


Date Night Drop-Off:                 For 1 Child                     For 2 Siblings                    For 3 Siblings

                                                              $45                                    $70                                      $95


Unlimited-Weekday Monthly Pass:  

                                                         For 1 Child                     For 2 Siblings                    For 3 Siblings

                                                              $180                                 $324                                    $432


Day-Pass Packages:                            For 1 Child                     For 2 Siblings                    For 3 Siblings

Buy 6 days get 1 free               $150 (7 passes)             $270 (14 passes)             $360 (21 passes)

Buy 10 days get 2 free             $250 (12 passes)           $450 (24 passes)            $600 (36 passes)

Buy 16 days get 4 free             $400 (20 passes)           $720 (40 passes)            $960 (60 passes)


General Hours

(Subject to change, please check the main page for updated hours)

Mon–Thurs Fri Sat Sun
Open Play 10am–6pm 10am–6pm 10am–5pm 10am–5pm
Party Slots 6pm–8pm 6pm–8pm 1:30pm–3:30pm
Date Night* 6pm–9pm 6pm–9pm
Music 10am-11am

Weekend Open Play hours are extended if we don't have birthday party/event. Please call to check. 

*Date Night is weekly on Friday and Saturday night. Reservation must be made and paid for in advance. All kids up to 10 years are welcome, although we have limited spots for under 2 yrs.